Here are some of the projects I have contributed to, created, or worked on.

Clockwork a role-playing gamemode and framework made for the video game Garry's Mod.

Realistic Clockwork Medical System a plugin for Clockwork schemas that introduces a semi-realistic medical system.

JustEmuTarkov an API emulator for Escape From Tarkov written in Node.js.

EFT TS my own RESTful API emulator for the game Escape From Tarkov written in TypeScript with Nest.js.

hltv-py webscraper bindings for Python to the HLTV.org website, complete with custom models and an ORM.

ndf a prettier and very small df replacement for Linux systems written in Rust.

kiobu.dev this website bootstrapped on the TEA stack (TailwindCSS, Eleventy, and Alpine.js).